Welcome to The Great Adventure

St. Tom’s will be offering an incredible Bible Study program from Ascension Press.

Meeting twice per week:

  • Monday evenings at 6pm (dinner included) in Newman Hall
  • Wednesday mornings at 6:30-8:00am in Room 4.

The 24 sessions will start September 10 and 12, and continue until April, Following Purdue’s calendar.

“To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; to seek him, the greatest adventure.”


The Bible is at the heart of our Catholic Faith—and our relationship with God. It is the living Word of God, where our Father meets with us and lovingly speaks to us. Reading the Bible should bring us closer to Christ, but understanding it is not always easy. Many people tell us they have tried time and again to prayerfully read Scripture, but they get frustrated because they “just don’t get it.”

The Great Adventure is designed so that anyone can make sense of the Bible and experience the life-changing power of God’s Word. At the core of The Great Adventure is the concept that there is a story running through the seventy-three books of the Bible that ties all of Scripture together and makes sense not just of the Bible, but of our lives as well.

That story is God’s plan as it has unfolded throughout salvation history and continues to unfold today. Once we grasp this “big picture,” the readings at Mass begin to make more sense, our Scripture reading and study come to life, and we see how our lives fit into God’s loving plan.
Hundreds of thousands of participants have discovered the riches of Scripture by experiencing one or more Great Adventure Bible studies. It is our prayer that you will gain a newfound understanding of God’s Word that will transform your life and bring you closer to Christ.

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program

At the core of The Great Adventure is The Bible Timeline Learning System: a simple way to get the “big picture” of the Bible by focusing on the story that runs throughout Sacred Scripture. Great Adventure Bible studies explore the biblical narrative in light of Catholic teaching and the historical, cultural, and literary context of the Scriptures to discover what Scripture reveals about God’s plan and our place within it. Studies of individual books of the Bible are supplemented by thematic and “life application” studies.

Every Great Adventure study is designed to foster:

  • Familiarity with the Bible and ease of reading it
  • Bible study habits consistent with the guidelines of the Catholic Church
  • Personal engagement in the Word of God
  • Faith-sharing based on the Word of God
  • Growth in knowledge about Scripture and the Catholic Faith

The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation

The Bible Timeline is a fascinating study that takes you on a journey through the entire Bible. You will go deep into each period of salvation history and discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. Using a unique color-coded Bible Timeline system, you will learn the major people, places, and events of the Bible and see how they all come together to reveal the remarkable story of our faith.