Schoenstatt is a Catholic lay movement that strives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the example and guidance of Mary. Schoenstatt was founded on October 18, 1914, by Father Joseph Kentenich in the little Schoenstatt valley in the Rhine region of west-central Germany. The word “Schoenstatt” comes from the German for “beautiful” (schön) and “place” (statt).

Schoenstatt is deeply and devotedly Marian and has repeatedly experienced how love of Mary opens new avenues to a vibrant relationship with Christ, to the Holy Spirit, to God the Father, and to a renewal of love of neighbor and self. Not least of all, love of Mary has helped many grow in love for the Church. This is in keeping with Pope John Paul II’s message to the Schoenstatt Family during an audience in 1985:

“An authentic Marian spirituality leads to a deep love for the Church.”

Weekly Rosary

A Schoenstatt rosary will be held every Sunday night at 10pm or following the 9pm mass in the Church.

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