Prayers of the Faithful

Submit names of those sick for whom you wish the parish to pray. Names will be read during the Prayers of the Faithful at all weekend Masses for four weeks and listed in the weekly bulletin. After four weeks, names will only be listed in the bulletin. To have a name removed from the bulletin, please email

Needed Prayers Community (NPC)

The Needed Prayers Community, NPC, is a group of people who volunteer to pray, individually, for the needs of any who ask for prayers. It was founded as a way to honor three children of our parish, Braden, Riley, and Keaton Smith who died of Neiman-Picks, Type C disease. In their memory, we Believe, Request, and Keep-faith, on your own time.  If you wish to help pray for the needs of the parish and the world, those who are sick, dying, in need of God’s help and mercy, all who suffer in any way, please join our NPC Flocknote. You will receive an email every week or so with the requests.