What is expected of the PCS Intern?

  • Meet weekly with Officers and staff advisor; be accountable to the officers and help ensure clear communication among all.
  • Utilize office space in the Intern cubicle and keep it orderly.
  • Meet one-on-one with staff advisor at least bi-weekly throughout each semester for spiritual and leadership development.
  • Attend and help organize/plan the Ministry Leadership Retreat in August (the weekend prior to the start of fall classes), 
  • Support the Officers by completing background, administrative work. 
  • Report directly to the Officers. 
  • Hold at least 8 Office Hours a Week (All hours do not have to be in the office).



  • Type names into computer at the beginning of the semester and through the summer as they come in
  • Help officers brainstorm ideas for reaching more students
  • Maintain Boiler Catholics brochure with details, times and leaders
  • Work with Marketing Interns on updating web site pages for groups
  • Make sign-up sheets for all events and input names as they come in
  • Facilitate volunteer recruitment by keeping all lists updated


  • Help with Homecoming (e.g. printing off handouts, picking up supplies)
  • Organize the Boiler Catholics storage and inventory supplies
  • Facilitate on-campus promotional events (set-up, clean-up)
  • Help with administration of Sunday Night Dinner


  • Make folders and copy papers for MLT weekend and meetings
  • Train student leaders in the use of Flocknote
  • Help file PO’s and keep track of group budgets
  • Buy supplies for and assemble senior gifts
  • File BoilerLink events and address BOSO/SAO concerns regarding submitted events
  • Update BoilerLink public profile, student member roster and officer information


  • Familiarity with mission/operations of Boiler Catholics & St. Tom’s
  • Microsoft Office, GoogleDrive, FaceBook
  • Willingness to become familiar through training with St. Tom’s office structure and procedures as well as with university/on-campus advertising and policies (e.g. BOSO, SAO, PSUB)

PCS Intern Application