Boiler Catholic Sports is a group where brothers and sisters in Christ can come together to enjoy fellowship through athletics. We welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities (If God did not bless you with much coordination – that is okay!) and specialize in having a great time. This year we plan to have teams for football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, walleyball, frisbee, kickball, and many others. We’ll be competing against other Purdue groups, churches, and clubs. We play games once a week and then fight through the playoffs. All that is required of you is that you bring a good attitude, a serious game face, and your A-game!

So how can you join us? Subscribe to out flocknote to receive all of our udpates! Login to Flocknote, and subscribe to PCS Sports.If you have more questions about joining St. Tom’s intramural teams, contact Thomas Rotter, Matthew Dombrowski, or Calvin Williams for more details. You can contact us at our emails below. We’d love to welcome you to this fun-filled ministry!

Teams register the first week of classes, so fill out the forms ASAP!

Get in Touch

Meet our Group Coordinators!

Bri Blandford

Hello! I’m a sophomore studying Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. Even though I only have one full year down on the books with St. Tom’s, I’ve had an amazing experience through it’s intramurals. I’ve already experienced how it feels to have won one #trophy and I can’t wait to win more with PCS Sports! I hope to make PCS Sports a well-known name around campus and see as many people as possible get involved.

Maxwell Barnaby

I’m a sophomore pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with an Environmental emphasis. I love being active in all sorts of ways such as rock climbing, snowboarding, hockey, and of course intramural sports. I’m currently in the middle of my second year as an intramural sports coordinator, and I look forward to having fun and being competitive with everyone out there!

Nick Bedard

I am a junior enjoying my first year as a PCS sports coordinator. When I’m not collecting intramural wins, I major in Supply Chain Information & Analytics. In addition to adding to my intramural champion T-Shirt collection I am looking forward to helping share the faith and amazing sense of community that St. Tom’s has provided me through our IM teams. I hope to see you on my team and apologize if you have to play against me #trophies