Here at St. Toms we cherish the presence of music in our liturgical celebrations. With the exception of our full-time music coordinator, all music group members are volunteers, as well as members of the assembly. With great love and commitment they form a ministry that strives to involve and assist the community in their worship.

We invite you to come to the church on any Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. At this time the entire music ministry first listens to the weekend’s scriptures and then discusses the upcoming liturgies. Following that we break into our smaller choirs to rehearse for at least an hour. Each group is directed by two group leaders.

Music Schedule

  • Regular Rehearsals – All Thursdays at 7PM,Church
  • Cantor Practices – September 23, 7:00PM, Church, October 21, 7:00PM, Church
  • Music Group Thanksgiving Dinner – November 19, 6:30PM, Newman Hall
  • Music Group Leaders Meetings (8:30-9:00PM), September 17, Others TBA
  • Music Group Leaders Workshop (7:00-10:00PM), TBA
  • Christmas Eve Rehearsals (Midnight Mass) 7:00-9:30PM
    • Choir: November 30, December 7, 14, 21
    • Orchestra: December 14, 21

The Music Of The Mass

Regular Mass Setting

Lenten Mass Setting

St. Tom’s will be using the “Mass of Renewal” by Curtis Stephan during the liturgical season of Lent. The “Mass of St. Ann” will still be used during the other liturgical seasons.

Below are the listings and time stamps of the songs that will be used. Please see the above video for a professional audio recording of these pieces.

Gloria – 0:42
Glory To You (Lenten Gospel Acclamation) – 4:42
Holy, Holy – 5:43
Memorial Acclamation: We Proclaim – 6:35
Great Amen – 8:04
Lamb of God – 8:24

St. Tom’s will be using the “Mass of St. Ann by Ed Bolduc” on the First Sunday of Advent.

These are the listings and time stamps of the songs that will be used.

Gloria – 2:28
Holy, Holy – 7:58
Memorial Acclamation: When We Eat This Bread – 9:15
Amen – 10:09
Lamb of God – 10:42

Group Leaders

Your group leaders for the Masses are as follows:

Sylvia Swandono
Cahya Harianto

John O`Malley
Cathy Russell

Duane Sellers

Katie D’Addato
Julie Puckett

Elizabeth Ladue

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Meet our Music Coordinator

Brad Bodine, DMA

Music Coordinator |

G. Bradley Bodine (b. 1960) holds degrees from The Evergreen State College, Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Arizona. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and commissions, including his most recent commission from a consortium of 11 university/college percussion ensembles.

Major ensembles and virtuoso performers regularly perform Dr. Bodine’s music. His compositions have been performed at major music festivals throughout the United States and in Europe. His latest composition, “Kaleidoscope: A Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra” was recorded by the Portuguese marimbist, Pedro Carneiro with Gerard Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony and was released in 2009.

G. Bradley Bodine is the Composer in Residence at both the Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at Purdue, the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra as well as a Continuing Lecturer of music theory at Purdue University.