Movement D is a group of youth and young adult musicians that give informal performances at nursing homes, aiming to raise the spirits of the elderly in the community. The mission of Musical Volunteers Making The Difference is to use the musical talents of its volunteers for the benefit of the community.This group goes once a month during the school year (because it was to be comprised of students) to a retirement community and performs a mini-concert of at least 30 minutes, to serve the elderly.

Movement D functions under the wing of the Never Alone: Ministry to the Elderly, a ministry to the elderly.

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Matt Voglewede

Recent Concert Updates

Here are some pictures from our most recent concerts. There are some pictures of Matthew impressing the women at the Friendship House, after the concert was over, with his bass! In some of the pictures, you’ll see a big American flag that was shown to us after the concert (we had included some patriotic songs with background info before each song); the flag was made by the resident in light blue! The woman is emphatically talking about it to us in the picture. We had about 20 residents at Friendship House! It was a lot of fun. There are also pictures of our concert at Cumberland Pointe, which the residents enjoyed as well. We are all gathered around a resident to sing her Happy Birthday!

Tippecanoe Villa

Friendship House

Cumberland Pointe