Spring Break Domestic Mission Trips

All trips provide for Prayer and Mass every day!

Jonestown, Mississippi

At Jonestown, there will be two work groups. You will be doing construction tasks with a local chapter of Jonestown Habitat for Humanity or working on social service projects in town. You may also help rehabilitate older houses which have fallen into disrepair. You will have the chance to visit the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, en route home. You will experience the culture of the Mississippi Delta through experiences of warm Southern hospitality, live Blues music and excellent Southern food! You will all stay together in a large dormitory in Clarksdale, MS alongside IHM Church, where we will pray and participate in Mass. See More.

New Orleans, Louisiana

On this trip, you will help with various construction projects to repair hurricane damage, particularly from Hurricane Katrina. There may also be ecological work to help preserve the wet-lands. Experience the Catholic-Cajun culture of New Orleans and enjoy fabulous Cajun food and music. You will bunk in a volunteer center with students from around the country.

Pensacola, Florida

In Pensacola, you will work with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a family in need. You start from the slab, build the frame, put up the roof, shingle the roof and assist in various construction activities. Each day begins with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and there will be opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. You will stay in a nice beach house with other Purdue volunteers, taking turns cooking meals for the group.

Clear Creek, Oklahoma

This trip will provide an opportunity to experience the contemplative life of the Benedictine rule. The Benedictine monks and sisters live a balanced life of contemplation with manual labor and personal prayer and study with the chanting of the Divine Office. But don’t be fooled! There will be physical demands: shortened hours of sleep, physical labor (construction and landscaping), and praying the Divine Office. Nevertheless, “it is an incomparable joy to know that you mean something to someone. To know that you are loved by God, well, this changes your life completely. Then you have only one desire: to give yourself to Him.”

Flint, Michigan

This trip will offer an opportunity to “get your hands dirty” working with Habitat for Humanity (or a like organization) each day. After a quick lunch you will go to a city school and spend time developing relationships. Most nights you can anticipate a dinner with a community leader, and typically, you will take some time to reflect on the experiences of the day before moving onto the next. You will stay at the newly renovated Saint Michael’s rectory where you will sleep, eat and reflect while in Flint. We have been told – this is the only spring break trip where you will gain weight :).

Fall Break Mission Trip

Haiti Mission Trip

Fr. Patrick will take a group of students to Haiti over winter break, between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Dates are dependent upon available flights.

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Dee Bernhardt