Thinking About Getting Married?

If you are planning to be married at St. Tom’s, please contact Mary Riehle

If you are planning to be married at a church other than St. Tom’s, please contact Eileen Strater

Or call 765-743-4652 at least six months in advance.

The Lafayette Diocese Requirements

You must contact St. Tom’s at least six months in advance.

All couples must complete a premarital inventory (FOCCUS) which is a survey of attitudes on basic areas of married life, e.g. children, in-laws, religion, finances, etc. This inventory is not a “test” for compatibility, rather it is a tool to stimulate discussions about these various aspects of married life. A fee for processing FOCCUS and other paperwork is required.

All couples must complete a Diocesan approved pre-marriage program. Couples may select one of the following options:

  • Sponsor Couple Program
    The engaged couple meets with a married couple for a series of meetings, arranged at the mutual convenience of both couples. A fee is required.
  • Day of Discovery Retreat
    This is a special day-long retreat held at St. Thomas Aquinas Center. It is led by married couples and begins at approximately 9:30 a.m. with the check-in and ends at 6:30 p.m. Pre-registration for the retreat is required at least two weeks prior to the date. Continental breakfast and lunch are provided. A fee for Day of Discovery is required.
  • Diocesan Pre-Cana Retreats
    These special weekends are held at various times and various locations throughout the diocese. They are led by married couples and a priest. Please ask for a schedule if you are interested in this option. Fee determined by the retreat site.
    A discussion of Natural Family Planning will take place within the pre-marriage program.

The marriage preparation programs try to give the engaged couple the benefit of the experience of couples who have been married for some time. Although the retreats and sponsor couple meetings have differing formats, they share the common goal of encouraging engaged couples to examine their own lives together in light of the experiences of married couples. Aspects touched upon include priorities, expectations, communication, conflict, sexuality and finances. Most engaged couples find the programs valuable for opening discussions and deepening their awareness in areas which they have already begun to explore.

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