What is expected of a Marketing Intern?

  • Recruit students to share their gifts to assist with marketing throughout the year
  • Attend August MLT(Ministry Leadership Team) Retreat (weekend prior to start of classes)
  • Review St. Tom’s Website to learn the workings of St. Tom’s/PCS
  • Become familiar with the white Marketing Binder
  • Meet weekly with other Marketing Interns and staff supervisor
  • Schedule weekly office hours
  • Attend Wednesday night meetings with PCS officers and St. Tom’s Staff (Wednesday’s 6:00-7:00pm)
  • Utilize your office space in the Intern cubicle and keep it neat and organized
  • Work 8-10 hours/week – some posted hours
  • Being creative, flexible, & patient
  • Getting other’s excited for events & attending them.
  • Always learning and improving designs


  • Update photos to the website weekly
  • Market events through posting on social media pages
  • Collaborate with St. Tom’s organizations to implement creative strategies for them to advertise
  • Collaborate with PCS officers with Event Planning Form (EPF) or Flocknote
  • Design flyers and other advertising materials for all St. Tom’s and affiliates
  • Using Marketing Calendar
  • Plan and update bulletin boards around the Church
  • Work with Director of Development on newsletters that are sent out to all St. Tom’s residents, parishioners, and alumni twice a year
  • Assist in planning and executing PR for events such as HowTo Festival and many others
  • Brainstorm new ways to help advertise about St. Tom’s on campus
  • Collaborate with St. Tom’s staff to help implement and improve current advertising strategies


  • Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, & Publisher, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Video editing preferable
  • Professional writing
  • Graphic design – ability to work with the St. Tom’s logo creatively
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge of on-campus advertising (Purdue Board, BoilerLink, Exponent, Flicks at Fowler, Tabling on campus)
  • Canva – easily learnable
  • Open and ready to designing anything!

Marketing Intern Application

  • Marketing Interns serve as the voice of Purdue Catholic Students. Everything we create and distribute reflects on the public image of St. Tom’s. As you answer the questions below, consider how you could help us share our Catholic Christian Life in this role.

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