Liturgy is at the heart of everything we do at St. Tom’s. Excellent liturgy depends upon the training and recruitment of liturgical ministers (Sacristans, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, and Greeters) who are committed and competent, especially Sacristans.

Liturgy Interns will be called upon to fill empty Sacristan positions for daily and/or Sunday Masses and must be willing to fill in or find people to train for this very important ministry, even though it may be at a Mass they do not normally attend.

What is Expected of a Liturgy Intern?

  • Meet regularly with your staff advisor (Fr. Cassian)
  • Be trained for Sacristan, so you can fill in or answer questions (training will be provided)
  • Work with the Liturgy Committee (students who help with liturgy, “retired” interns)
  • Recruit and train students to serve as liturgical ministers throughout the year
  • Recruit and schedule students for weekly Adoration
  • Attend August Leadership Retreat (weekend prior to start of classes)
  • Update the Liturgy and Adoration pages on the website regularly
  • Divide tasks between interns
  • Become familiar with the Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP)**
  • Utilize your office space in the Intern cubicle and keep it relatively cleaned up
  • Work 8-10 hours/week on average – some posted hours
  • Attend quarterly Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) meetings of PCS

Liturgical Ministry Scheduling

  • Create the schedule on MSP
  • Check the schedule mid-week to be sure all positions are covered
  • Cover open sacristan positions (either yourself or by recruiting and training others)
  • Send Friday email to all ministers about positions that are not filled for the coming weekend
  • Print schedule and sign-in sheets each Saturday for all Masses
  • Review the sign-in sheets to see that people are showing up and revise available minister list accordingly


  • Keep track of hosts (small and large) on a weekly basis (report to Matthew)
  • Schedule students for weekly Adoration (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) at the beginning of each semester
  • Keep the Sacristy organized and equipped (trim candles, clean storage areas, maintain followers)
  • Alert Father when linens are not adequate (not enough, need to be replaced,…)
  • Respond to emails from people with questions about liturgical ministries at St. Tom’s