After attending liturgical minister training and being commissioned as an Extraordinary minister, one is free to volunteer to read at any Sunday or daily Mass.  Be sure to complete you availability on Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) as soon as your training is complete.  It will take a few days for you to be added to the schedule.  You will receive notification from MSP when you are approved for service.

Daily (weekday) Mass responsibilities and procedures

  • For daily Mass there is no need to sign up.  When you arrive, check and see how many priests will be celebrating or concelebrating the Mass (See below).  Take one of the collars located on the table at in the middle of the center aisles to volunteer.  This is done on a first come, first volunteered basis.
    • If there is only one priest we will need:
      • Two extraordinary minister for the Chalices will be needed.  Note – for the Wednesday 9 PM Mass we will need an additional minister (three total) for to distribute the second Sacred Body station next to the priest.
    • If there are other priests concelebrating the Mass they will distribute the Eucharist. Volunteers will be needed to cover the stations not being manned by the priests.
  • After Communion has been distributed, please return the sacred vessel you are in charge to the priest at credence table.
  • Please remember to return your collar to the back table.

Sunday Mass responsibilities and procedures

  • Please visit the Liturgical Minister’s home page to check the Sunday schedule often.
  • You can sign up for an unfilled ministry slot only when signed in to MSP.  You cannot do so from the Minister’s home page.
  • Please make a habit of checking with the Sacristan at the assignment board (located in back hallway by the sacristy door) to see if we need help filling any EM stations.
    • This is especially important at the 9 PM Mass
  • When you arrive
  • Sign in and accept station assignments at least 10 minutes before the start of Mass.
    • If you are scheduled by MSP to serve at any particular Mass your name will appear on the roster located on the left side of the assignment board.
    • Mark your name off and take a collar.  Small sticky notes will be located on the assignment board.  Take one of the tabs and write your station next to your name on the list.  The map on the assignment board will show where your station is located.  (#’s are for Ciborium, letters are Chalices).
  • When the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) begins, proceed to the Altar.
    • If you are distributing the Body of Christ (a numbered station) line up to the right of the Altar.
    • If you are distributing the Sacred Blood (lettered station) line up on the left side of the Altar.
  • Receive the Eucharist and proceed to your station.
    • NOTE = If we do not have enough ministers that someone is assigned to the choir, the people at stations #1 and #A should give communion to the choir after you have finished your section.
  • When everyone at you station has received communion, check at the stations around you and help them if they have not finished distribution Holy Communion.
  • After communion is completed return to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel/Tabernacle.