We are
Healthcare-focused parishioners of the St. Thomas campus Catholic Community interested in providing for and contributing to support for health support in our parish.

Our mission
“in collaboration with the pastoral staff, we work to enhance the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social well-being of our St. Thomas Aquinas community.”

Our purpose
“To participate in the ongoing transformation of the faith community at St. Tom’s as a source of health and healing.

To build and strengthen the capacity of individuals, families, and congregation to understand and care for one another in the light of their relationship to God, our Catholic faith tradition, and the broader societ.

To assist and empower each individual to become a more active partner in management of personal health resources.

To foster new and creative responses to health care concerns.”

For More Information

Barb Strausburger

Ongoing support service projects

Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry
hands-on scripture-based team-healing by certified instructors for those suffering: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically

Funeral Dinners
assisting to provide support to grieving families

St. Tom’s Health Fair
education, screening in health care programs

Prayer Blankets
hand-sewn coverlets for warmth and tactile reassurance to those in situations of great stress

Meals for Lafayette Urban Ministry
planning, preparing meals for the homeless in our community