Funeral Mass Times

A funeral Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas may be scheduled at 10:00am, Monday through Saturday.

Liturgical Ministers

We encourage you to select family members and friends to serve as liturgical ministers. If there are not sufficient trained ministers, qualified members of the parish are available to serve.


Floral arrangements may be used in the sanctuary. They must not obstruct the view or movement in the sanctuary or other parts of the church, and may not be placed on the altar.

Lector (reader)

The lector should have the ability to read publicly, and the faith to believe what they are reading. You will need 2 or 3 lectors:

  • First Reading
  • Second Reading
  • Prayer of the Faithful

Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion

It is our practice to distribute Communion under both species at all Masses at St. Thomas Aquinas. Please choose as many approved Eucharistic Ministers as needed. Family and friends who have been trained and commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers at their home parish are welcome to minister during the Funeral Mass.


St. Thomas Aquinas music ministers are most often used to provide the music ministry for a Funeral Mass. Any other arrangements should be made through Dr. Brad Bodine, the St. Tom’s Music Director.

Gift Bearers

These persons bring the bread and wine to the altar for the Preparation of the Gifts. They may be friends, family members, etc.

Words of Remembrance

One person may offer words of remembrance during the funeral Mass, following the distribution of Communion. Other family members or friends are encouraged to share their memories during the viewing or at a reception following the Mass.


A list of suggested songs can be found in the downloadable booklet.

Visiting priest

Any visiting priest needs to obtain permission from the pastor, and if outside the Diocese of Lafayette‐in‐Indiana, must provide a letter of good standing from his bishop.