What is Boiler Awakening?

The purpose of Boiler Awakening is to deepen faith and a relationship with God through a Catholic, student‐led, Christian‐based retreat ministry for college students. By encouraging spiritual growth through prayer, service, reflection, and full participation in the Mystical Body of Christ, the ministry strives to foster an “awakening” to Christ’s presence in the world. By implementing this through extensive staff preparation, team building, service projects, and leadership development ‐‐ culminating in a three‐day retreat ‐‐ it is believed that all members will enhance and progress in their own spiritual growth, thereby inspiring Christ in others.

Boiler Awakening is a Catholic retreat designed for college‐age students from Purdue University and Ivy Tech. It is held two times a year ‐‐ once in the Fall semester, and in the Spring.

Awakening is a three‐day retreat beginning around 5:00pm on a Friday and concluding around 5:00 pm on Sunday. There are a variety of talks and activities designed to “awaken” the Holy Spirit within each of the retreaters. It concludes Sunday with the pinnacle of the Catholic Church, the celebration of the Mass at 7pm. All college students, regardless of religion, are invited to attend.

Who can attend?

Retreaters must be a college student at Purdue or Ivy Tech. That’s it! Being Catholic is not required to attend Awakening. If you are from another school and would like to attend, please fill out an online application or contact the leadership team at: awakening@boilercatholics.org.

If you would like more information on starting an Awakening program, please contact awakening@boilercatholics.org.

When are retreater signups?

Sign‐ups for Boiler Awakening usually occur about a month before the weekend of the retreat. Applications will be available online.

When are staffer signups?

For Boiler Awakening Alumni the application process will take place following Awakening retreats. For other Awakening Alumni please fill out the online application on the Boiler Awakening page and our Coordinators will contact you with further details.

What are the fees?

The retreater fee to attend Boiler Awakening is $45. This covers lodging, 6 meals, and an ENTIRE weekend of fun! And you’ll also have the t‐shirt to prove it (The t‐shirt is included in the $45). Boiler Awakening offers scholarships, so please contact the Coordinator (awakening@boilercatholics.org) if you need financial assistance…don’t be shy! Everyone deserves a chance to attend this eye‐opening retreat! We’ll be happy to help any way we can!

When will I know if I am on the retreater list for Boiler Awakening?

All retreaters will be e‐mailed if they register for the retreat and pay all dues before the deadline. All others will be put on a waiting list in the order which they have been chosen by the lottery.

When and how long is Awakening?

The retreat begins on Friday afternoon (at around 5pm) and goes until Sunday afternoon. The entire weekend culminates with the celebration of Mass on Sunday at 7pm at St. Toms.

What if I still have more questions about Awakening?

Please contact our Coordinators, any of the Boiler Awakening staff members, or any Boilermaker who has attended the Boiler Awakening retreat in the past. These people are amazing, and know the ins and outs of Awakening!