Members of St. Tom’s Arts & Environmental ministry share their creative gifts to visually enhance the church during the liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church. Both student and resident parishioners are encouraged and welcome to join this parish ministry.  

A&E Activities

  • Planning Meetings: The group meets several weeks in advance of a liturgical season to brainstorm ideas (photos and sketches are encouraged), decide what areas will change, and then submit our ideas to Father Tom.  
  • Production: Once concepts are approved (and depending on the season), the group schedules 1-3 workdays (1-3 hrs ea.) to prepare materials for the displays. Longer workdays are usually required for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter preparations. Preparation and assembly are completed in the loft above the back of the church, and it’s the ministry’s responsibility to keep this area clean and organized since many display materials are stored there.
  • Installation: Installation is a big part of participating in this ministry. The week of Christmas and  Easter are especially important times for volunteer helpers so all can enjoy their time at home for the holidays — “many hands make for light work.” 

Meet fellow St. Tom’s parishioners and participate as little or as much as you want! Some parishioners join us for a particular holiday or even to fulfill confirmation requirements. All are welcome!

For more information or to get involved, email Lois Jacques  or Karen Sullivan